About US

Growing up, much of my childhood was spent with relatives and friends, in their gardens. If we weren’t in their gardens, we were raiding other people’s gardens. As I kid I always dreamt of living on a farm with an abundance of animals, fields of flowers and rows of colorful veggies.

In 2008, my husband and 2 kids left Medicine Hat and moved to a small farm in Cypress County. We had hopes of pursuing a life that was simpler and to be able to connect more with nature. We wanted to align our values and our love of animals and the land, with our lifestyle.


We’ve done just that! In the past, we’ve raised sheep and I have tried my hand at furniture design. I previously designed colorful wooden chair planters with delightful flower arrangements inside, original décor items and unique furniture made from refurbished wood. All pieces were one of a kind and let me explore my creativity.


I have spent the last decade gardening and formally educating myself in horticulture, in preparation for cultivating on a larger scale. The transition from being a gardener to growing cut flowers on a large scale has been an exciting one! This is where my passion now lies.


I feel most at home when my hands are deep in the earth, soil surrounding my fingers. There is something magical that happens when I feel grounded in the earth this way. Taking time to grow and nurture tiny little seeds into stunning blossoms is so much fun and ultimately satisfying for me. Nature is my happy place and fills my soul with bliss. Our farm is a labour of love and we want to share its abundance with you!


Flowers can lift someone’s spirits, make them smile and create happiness. They bring joy and have meaning for people. Bringing sunshine to anyone’s day is something we want to be a part of.


Our goal is to share our love of nature by creating free-flowing, seasonal handcrafted flower bouquets that are filled with charm, minimalistic structure and natural grace, just for you.


From our farm to your arms.


Thank you for being here!!